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Let's Get Started with Scent Free Savvy Life @ Blogspot

This is Scent Free Savvy Life at Blogger.  My Blogger posts will incorporate product reviews, my own creations or scent-free product tweaks and my mad-scientist kitchen experiments.  I've learned that in living fragrant, egg, soy and now gluten free, you must make changes.  You must adapt.  This is not always an easy task as change can be an immediate change or a journey.  Either way it should be for the good. I hope you will laugh with me or at me whatever suits you.  Anyway it goes, I hope you continue to navigate the fragrant world around us and be savvy and scent-free, egg, soy and now gluten free.  That is a mouthful.

Here I hope you will be a bit more forgiving of my grammatical infractions, typos and faux pas as my friend, Tenisha (grammatical editor), will not always have an opportunity to review or edit what is written here. This blog is intended, at times, to link you back to for more information.

As with any blog, this too has a disclaimer and some rules.  

Disclaimer: I am not a physician, so I cannot give out medical advice. I am not a scientist; but will provide links to scientific information and references when available.  I have not attended culinary school so I may get portions incorrect (I like to eyeball).  At times I am acutely sensitive to odors & smells and can detect them when others cannot. While this ability can be viewed as a curse, I view it as a blessing. I have stories~~and I'm ready and eager to share. This website and our product recommendations are not to take the place of medical or any other professional advice. We (other scent-free savvy contributors) will recommend products (and their sources) that we have used with success. I may get free items to give my opinion.  It is my opinion, if you don't want to know...don't ask. 

The products that I share will be products that I can tolerate without getting ill and some products that I love. I know that as individuals we have different tolerances and preferences, so check out each product before purchasing. I can not emphasize enough READ THE LABELS, familiarize yourself with ingredients. Be an informed consumer. And to be blunt, smell it first! After all, “the nose knows.” If you have found a product that you would like to recommend, by all means, submit it. If I haven’t tried the product already we will gladly check it out.

Rules:  If you choose to comment:
  • Keep it clean.  No four letter words especially those beginning with "f" unless you are talking about "food". 
  • Be nice (you may not agree with me and that is acceptable.)  You too, are entitled to your opinion.
  • You can use this space to vent, cry or whine, however, if I am currently whining you will have to wait your turn.

So let's get started, shall we...

I had the privilege to attend the National Products Expo as Press/Blogger in Anaheim, California March 8-10, 2013.  It was somewhat an overwhelming experience as I tirelessly searched for egg, soy and unscented products.  I came to many conclusions in my journey that weekend; all-in-all it was a successful.  I came home with much bounty which I will share.

First of all, I must also say with much gratitude to the folks over at Lyfe Kitchen, who provided breakfast to those who attended the press briefing breakfast on Friday, March 8, 2013.  Before the briefing, I emailed Lyfe Kitchen to discuss my concern regarding my food intolerances and finding soy-free alternative for breakfast.  Miriam O'Donovan of Manager of Quality Assurance & Product Development, Retail returned my email with the allergen menu and alternatives.  This allowed me to make a safe decision as to what I could eat at the press briefing without incident.  Throughout the event, Lyfe Kitchen was genuinely concerned about their product and the attendees.  

My take on an old favorite!
I was a bit disappointed though, that there were less soy and egg-free alternatives.  In the end, the only item I could eat was the steel cut oats.  The entree was not your typical oatmeal as this entree contained cinnamon spiced steel-cut oats mixed with quinoa, sweet & juicy peaches, apples & pineapples, topped with coconut and almonds.  I loved it!  This sparked my creativity ... in the kitchen with breakfast.  Oatmeal can have a bit of flair and didn't have to be just oats, sugar and cinnamon.   See a recent photo of my take on an old favorite.  I included rolled oats, quinoa, chia seeds, pineapples, pink lady apples, dried cranberries and juice from blood oranges.

Breakfast and the briefing was just the beginning ... more to come.  Look for a sharing of the wealth with a give-a-away.  Subscribe and stay tuned. 

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