Friday, January 2, 2015

Indoor Games

It's another cold winter. However, it is a far cry from last year this time and I am grateful. My outings are not frequent.  It is still difficult to go to the mall or other areas where I have to navigate breathable air.  I'd prefer not to risk the onslaught of perfume and scented fragrance in the air.  At home I can control my own environment.  

I have a ton of indoor projects to work on.  I called them my indoor games.  Many of which are my Scent Free Savvy Life blog, making scent free hair products, experimenting with soy free recipes and honing my hand crafted skills. I am still sorting through my mother's belongings.  My love of sewing and craft was instilled by her.  Digging through her "stuff", I've found several fabrics and patterns where we had similar items.  Now I know why I am a fabricholic.

Here's a few jewelry and sewing projects I'm working on. Here are the links for my Etsy stores. Take a look maybe you'll find something you like.