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Los Angeles
Creating a healthy and safe home environment 
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Fax 888.886.8602

New York
Unscented Hair and Body Products (ONLINE)

Check the Fragrance Option and Choose Unscented
Customer Service hours: Monday - Thursday, 10am-5pm  
Toll-Free: 800.628.2210  


PO Box 309
104 West Pine St
Oakville, WA 98568

Everyone is Welcome to visit our Scent-Free Facility,
but please leave your lovely Fragrances at Home!…/59079109-about-our-choice…

*Disclosure: Scent-Free Savvy Life does not endorse, support or receive monetary compensation from these establishments. Information is provided to give consumers choices for fragrance free and organic sources.  Please contact the vendors directly for additional product information. Scent-Free Savvy Life does not warrant any product expressed or implied.

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