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This blog is non-political. Scent Free Savvy Life became a sister blog Fragrance Fighters and emerged through our common experience of what others could perceive as physical weakness. Through my life experience and that of a close friend we have realized there are many others out there like us! Folks that are mildly to acutely sensitive to chemicals in fragrances and odors of all sorts, be it perfume, mold, cigarette smoke, lotion, room deodorizers~~you name it, it disturbs us. Fragrance for us is not just an inconvenience or dislike of someone’s choice of product. This concoction of toxic chemicals combined to create fragrance literally affects our quality of life; it inhibits our ability to do the things that others take for granted. Going to the workplace, the store, a public restroom or even our chosen house of worship are challenges that must be navigated with caution, if not entirely avoided. We cannot go over to a friend’s home for dinner unless we know that no one will being wearing fragrance, and that the perfumed candles & room deodorizers where used, will be removed. It affects our basic, taken-for-granted ability to function. It affects every breath we take. Because of the constant build-up of these seemingly small things, chronic illness ensues. Many of us suffer with Asthma, Fibromyalgia, COPD, Migraines, Allergies, Autism, Cancer, MCS and various other neurological diseases. Intolerable fragrance sources vary; many flowers and types of grass can be as noxious to our systems as common household cleaning products or the person sitting next to us at work who literally drenched themselves in perfume! We reserve the right to ticket, yes, ticket those who overindulge in fragrances (and you know who you are).

Janet Willison's Story

I'm a Realtor® with crazy food allergies. I love real estate, food & creativity while living a scent-free, soy & egg-free life. I have a long history of health issues. Although I looked healthy, I am often fatigued, weak, dizzy, confused, suffered from digestive disorders; a lack of sleep, and have experienced overall intense pain throughout my body. I have also had thyroid issues since I was 18, however diagnosed with Hashimotos in my mid-forties. After years of Russian Roulette with food, I was diagnosed with an allergy to soy and eggs to name a few. My fragrance allergy has to taken over... I need to be selective in everything I do. I eat as organically as possible, make my own products, cook from scratch... and this just scratches the surface.
Although some may debate this~~I am a super hero! I received my combat training at Citicorp, after which I worked as an executive assistant for several architectural firms (including a firm known to some former employees as “The Evil Empire”.) I married in my late thirties and gave birth to a vivacious baby girl in my forties. I did this the good old-fashioned way, without the use of fertility drugs or any in-vitro procedures. I’ve engaged in various entrepreneurial endeavors with a chronic illness and an energetic twelve year old (who thinks she’s 16). I love, love sewing and fabric...I'm the crafty, mad scientist sort as I have to usually make my own products to product myself from soy and other known allergens.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician, so I cannot give out medical advice. I am not a scientist; but will provide links to scientific information and references when available. At times I am acutely sensitive to odors & smells and can detect them when others cannot. While this ability can be viewed as a curse, we also view it as a blessing. I have stories~~and we’re ready and eager to share. This website and our product recommendations are not to take the place of medical or any other professional advice. We will recommend products (and their sources) that we have used with success. These will be products that we can tolerate without getting ill and some products that we love. I know that as individuals we have different tolerances and preferences, so check out each product before purchasing. To be blunt, smell it first! After all, “the nose knows.” If you have found a product that you would like to recommend, by all means, submit it. If I haven’t tried the product already we will gladly check it out.

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