Thursday, April 16, 2015

Giveaway Time!

I am so excited. I have been accepted as an Official Expo Blogger for the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo May 2-3 in Schaumburg, IL (Chicago).  I have to admit I have had difficulty eliminating gluten from my diet.  Fragrance is always the number one challenge.  And if you know me, the other allergens consist of soy, egg and then gluten. 

This Expo is the biggest gluten free and allergen friendly event in the US.   If you are like me and you are making the change, looking for specialty products, learning how to cook and bake gluten free, this is where you need to be.

For me the "gluten" challenge happens when baking gluten free, recipes often call for an egg and that poses its own set of issues. 

My apologies, I digressed, back to the GIVEAWAY!
I have four (4) TICKETS*. . . Yes, four tickets to GIVEAWAY and the 1st place winner's bounty includes a box of other goodies.  Some of the items are fragrance-free, some gluten-free** or both. 

* (tickets are good for 1 day of the expo either Saturday OR Sunday (you can choose which day you want to attend)
**(Please check with the manufacturing companies for gluten before use.)

And that's not all.  It gets better! As a Scent Free Savvy Life followers can get a FREE 1-year subscription to Delight Gluten Free Magazine if they purchase a ticket HERE

This is what to do to "Enter the GIVEAWAY".   

1.  Go to YouTube, watch the video and make a comment.  

2.  You can Like "Scent Free Savvy Life" Page on Facebook or "Scent Free Savvy" on Instragram.

3.  Go to the Scent-Free Savvy Life Blog (and if you are reading this you are here).   Post a comment and make sure you number the post from the last person.  This way I can keep track.

4.    Enter by April 21, 2015. Winners will be announced  April 23, 2015

There can only be four ticket winners. Tickets are good for 1 day of the expo either Saturday OR Sunday (as a winner can choose which day you want to attend)  

And that's not all, until May 1, 2015 you can get 20% off advanced purchase tickets.... click the link below to purchase tickets.... HERE.