Friday, October 30, 2015

Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Preservative-Free Sausage... I Found Swaggerty Farms

Oh my, I absolutely am ecstatic to find Swaggerty Farms gluten-free, soy-free, and preservative free sausage.  This sausage has no nitrates, no BHT, no MSG... look at the package. 

Fresh Thyme in the Chicagoland area has it. As of yet, it is quite shocking to find that no Southern California store carries this product. Usually, I can find most natural, gluten-free products in the L.A. area.

Get the word out to @sproutsfarmersmarket or +Whole Foods Market sales reps. This is the best sausage I have found. Making sausage from far for me, has been an epic failure. However, since I found this product I am super happy, especially since it is soy free and does not contain BHT. 

Being extremely sensitive to foods, preservative free products work well for me. This is now my go to product for breakfast sausage.  Deliciously, looking forward to experimenting with dinner recipes using this find.  If you have a delightful recipe using Swaggerty Natural Sausage, please share. 

Check out this YouTube video HERE from Swaggerty Farms!  HERE is their Facebook page and they also have a coupon club HERE.  

Let me mention, I do not get paid for referrals for this product. If you are like me ~with food allergies~ consistently you hunt high and low for eatable foods and can appreciate why I find it important to spread the word. 

Enjoy and let me know if you found it and what you think.