Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fragrance Product Consumer Alert

I went to the paint department in one of my favorite hardware stores, found this and was horrified.

Is it not only a challenge to be assaulted by the scented plug-ins and candles now we have concern ourselves whether anyone has painted their house with a toxic additive outgassing toxic fumes.

Can you imagine walking into an environment where the walls are murderous coupled with trying to determine why you cannot breathe, eyes are burning, are vomiting, have a #migraine, #chestpain, fragrance induced #asthma attack? Whose marketing idea was this? This is NOT okay!

What would you do add a disclaimer before anyone enters, stating "these walls are painted with a fragrant additive,  enter at your own risk."  Seriously, whose idea was this?

In an effort to navigate this scented world, if you find any products that are ludicrous like this, let us know. All things considered, keep being savvy and scent free.