Monday, March 20, 2017

My Top Egg-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free Must Have Foods!

Two of our basic yet taken for granted needs are to breathe and to be nourished to sustain life. My fragrance and food allergies challenge those two basic needs.  People are fearful of what to feed me.  I am often asked to bring my own food as my hosts fear they may do me harm.

This led me to think of my "Top Egg, Soy, Gluten and Dairy Free Must Haves".  These products I have searched for and some I have previously, shared on my blog.  The following is a compiled list, not necessarily in order of importance.

1.  BFree Bread 

If you have ever searched for delicious gluten free bread you know that this search can be horrendous.  Gluten free bread is often heavy with the density of baseball leather. Now add the need for the bread to be egg and soy-free too, this challenge is insurmountable.  

Finally, last Spring I found this bread at the #GFAF Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo in Schaumburg, IL.  I wondered why the line to this booth was extremely long. I sat families leaving with bags of this bread.  When I finally reached the table they were almost sold out.  Now I understand the long lines, this bread is absolutely wonderful.

2.  Earth Balance Soy-Free Buttery Spread

This delightful buttery spread is soy-free, non-GMO and Vegan.  There are two of the Earth Balance buttery spreads labeled soy free.  In my opinion butter can make any recipe taste good, although this is not cow's milk yet it emulates and sustains my desire for cow's milk butter. 

3.  Califia Farms Almond Milk

If you read this blog at all you will know how much I love Califia Farms Almond Milk.  This almond milk is "yummy".   I cannot always use this almond milk as a substitute for "cows milk" as my daughter is allergic to almonds.  I, however, love this "stuff".

4. Swaggerty's All Natural Preservative Free Sausage

You would think that finding soy-free sausage would not be difficult. It is. I made my own but I didn't like them, then I found these. I am not vegan although, often I find myself looking at vegan products to find ingredients that are egg-free.  In time, when I eat nitrate free preservative free meat I have less headaches and migraines. This sausage is gluten, soy, msg and preservative free.  It is the only sausage that doesn't cause me stomach and intestinal harm.  I love using this sausage to season collard greens.

Recently, as I would be traveling out of state, I checked out out their website to locate the sausage where I would be visiting in CA. I was surprised to find that the place that has "everything" didn't have everything so I found it necessary to bring boxes of the breakfast sausage with me.

5.  COLEMAN NATURAL® Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon 

Besides butter, bacon makes anything taste good. I like Coleman Natural no nitrates or nitrates added.  No nitrate bacon can be quite pricey compared to bacon with nitrates. Purchasing in bulk at stores like Costco is a money saver.  Not all Costco's are created equal. The only Costco, thus far, I have this at is the one located at Orland Park, IL.

6. Trader Joe's canned coconut milk
Coconut is a good substitute to cow's milk and I use it quite a bit in sauces.  Trader Joe's brand does not contain any guar or xanthan gums and preservatives.

 7.  Just Mayo by Hampton Creek
Making mayonnaise isn't as easy at it may seem and a dry sandwich is unacceptable.  I was so happy when I found this soy and egg free mayonnaise from Hampton Creek. Again, this is the only mayo I found that I can use. 

These are some of my top foods must haves.  Most main entrees, I  have to make from scratch, it was getting very old, though, having to make condiments and bread as well. Alternatively, I do enjoy creating my own homemade pesto sauce.  Yet I have not a found a good dairy free cheese. 

This journey and freedom from food Russian Roulette has been a challenge and has reduced me to tears with began.  As time proceeded, it became easier finding the some of the foods I needed that many take for granted and makes my tummy a happy tummy!