Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Cookie Won't Hurt?

As 17 year olds we feel invincible.  We could leap tall buildings in a single bound. We could, as my father used to say, "burn the candle at both ends"; and not get burned.   Yet the older we get we find that any little indiscretion on our part has a way of being less forgiving.

Last month, I brought home cookies for my daughter.  Yes, I read the labels.  And yes, I know they had my known allergens/intolerances; soy, eggs and dairy.  Yet when I gazed back at the kitchen counter, my mouth watered for the vanilla sugar cookies I bought. I reasoned "one cookie" won't hurt. 

Of course, I was wrong.  By the intestinal trauma that ensued my body let me know that "one cookie does hurt."  The pain let me know I was not 17 anymore.  My body let me know, I would not bounce back as quickly either.

While these food intolerances are not anaphylactic, we tend to give in to our wants despite our needs.  So if you are like me and you let your eyes overcome your need, remember we pay in the end.  And let me tell you, "one cookie" does hurt.