Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make Your Unscented Shea, Mango Butter Cream Concoction!

Unscented products are difficult to find and can be costly.  I started making my own Shea, Mango Butter concoction after viewing several YouTube videos.  There are quite a number tutorial videos out there.  My video is on its way, so stay tuned.  In the photo below, I didn't have any mango butter and I added too much oil. Although once blended it just became a thick liquid.  I put it in the refrigerator thinking that would help.  Once it was at room temperature, it soon became foaming thick liquid. Oops!

If you make a mistake, don't discard it.  I was not going to waste it and decided to use it on my hair and skin.  I actually like it.  It absorbed quickly into the skin and hair than the creamier version.  I love being a mad scientist in the kitchen.

The bottom photo is my usual Shea, Mango and Kukui butter cream delight.  Here's the recipe:

1 part Shea butter (1cup) to 2 parts Mango and Kukui butters.  
2 Tablespoons each of Avocado, Rice Bran and Olive oil.
1/4 cup of Coconut Oil

You can add more oil until you get the creamy consistency you are looking for.  If I make a large batch, I put it in the refrigerator.  It will harden but will soften once it is at room temperature.

The creamy consistency works well into the skin after a shower.   My friend and neighbor uses the butter on her locs when getting her hair re-locked at the roots.

I ordered my butters from Essential Wholesale www.essentialwholesale.com.  I purchased the oils from various places.  I purchase my coconut oil from Nutiva.  On Tuesdays Nutiva has great specials.  The avocado oil is not organic, however, it is cold-pressed and food grade.  I purchase this from Jon's market or another local market here in the San Fernando Valley.  You can get a 64 fl. oz. bottle for $6.99.  I found the Rice Bran oil at Big Lots, however I recently saw it at Trader Joe's and the Olive Oil I usually get at Trader Joe's or Big Lots.

Try your own combinations.  It is really quite fun.  Leading a scent-free life is not always easy.  You have to be adaptable.  Your environment is not always safe and products can be difficult to find or expensive.  We can wallow in our sorrow or find ways to make it fun and enjoyable.   Do what you safely can.  I will continue to help you find ways to be savvy and scent free.