Thursday, August 18, 2016

Seeking Fragrance-Free Connections

Many of us are isolated because of our allergy/intolerance to fragrance, perfumes, and chemicals, etc.  This allergy/intolerance, I embrace as my superpower. 

Although our illness does not define us, our lifestyles are greatly restricted compared to what they were formerly. Therefore, we find that we are home-bound instead of engaging in social activities or events such as going to the movie theater, mall, conventions, classes, and parties, etc. We want to be out and about but the repercussion of fragrance exposure impedes these social interactions.

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We have friends that are sympathetic to our plight and are willing to change their lifestyle for us, removing air freshener plug-ins and fragrant candles, refraining from perfumes, scented laundry products, colognes, and those dreaded Axe products. To these friends and family members, we are truly grateful, nevertheless, many that have this superpower are somewhat isolated.

These same people who could be suitable employee candidates are in search of fragrance free workplaces and/or legitimate work-at-home professions and opportunities.

Additionally, we are in search of professionals that have fragrance free environments. Professionals you may be missing out on viable clients that need your service.  In light of these requirements, know that the reverse is also true. 

There are professionals that have fragrance free offices that do not allow patients and clients to enter their establishments if they are wearing perfume, fragrance or scented products, etc. We are in search of these people, as well. They could be realtors, doctors, attorneys, estheticians, massage therapists, salon owners, and tailors, etc.

In an effort to find these fragrance free events, professionals, employers, employees we need your help.
Contact information for these individuals/companies  are posted HERE on the Scentfreesavvylife blog and Scentfreesavvylife Facebook page. Like our Page on Facebook and post your information. 

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Can you help us find these events, professionals, job positions?