Thursday, August 4, 2016

Scented Crayons... Really!

It is back-to-school time and I was looking in the Sunday paper for back-to-school coupons and found this.

Is it me, or am I the only one that think this is a "bad" idea?

Whose bright idea was this...scented crayons!  With the influx of ADD, ADHD, OCD and asthma illnesses in our children.   Why would I hyper a child more with a potential phthalate exposure from scented crayons.  I don't know whether any of the Mr. Sketch's products contain phthalates or BPA, however, with my existing chronic illness, even if a product is labeled non-toxic, I do know scents make me ill and irritable.

Watch out parents and teachers it may be a bumpy ride this semester.  I won't be purchasing this product anytime soon. 

I'll be on the watch assisting you to be savvy and scent-free.