Monday, October 31, 2016

A Fragrance Free Company is Hiring!

Isn't networking great!  Through networking, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging ... a networking source found Holy Lamb Organics, a Fragrance Free Company, and they are hiring!  

Photo provided by Holy Lamb Organics

Last month Scent Free Savvy's blog made a plea HERE looking for Fragrance Free Connections that  included a search to find Fragrance Free Employers.  Through networking, Facebook, Twitter and blogging ... a networking source found Holy Lamb Organics, a "Fragrance Free Company", and as of this blog post they are currently hiring!  We are happy to know there are fragrance free companies out there that do exist.  Holy Lamb Organics states on their website and Facebook page as to their choice to be a Fragrance Free Company. 

Photo provided by Holy Lamb Organics

If you are seeking a fragrance free position with a company that state their commitment "to an enjoyable, diverse, safe, and scent-free working environment" here's your opportunity.

We hope to find other companies with this commitment...we'll keep searching, keep your eye opened and be savvy and scent free.

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