Friday, February 19, 2016

Did Your Pharmacist Tell You This?

I am still reeling from some information I received from my Pharmacist consultation this week.  After entering the time continuum stage where hormones are in an uproar your dialogue changes.  You know that stage of life where a woman is losing her nurturing hormones and where the dialogue used to go something like this, “oh, sure you need that done, okay, anything to help sweetie.”  Now the dialogue is like this, “you need that done, well, over there are the washer and dryer, do it yourself…I’m over here having tea.” (And this is the nice version.)
Actually, the doctor said I had no progesterone and very little estrogen.  No problem...compounding “bioidentical” replacement therapy (BHRT) to the rescue.

“Are you going to hold your pet later,” she asked.

When you begin a new regimen, the pharmacist usually consults with you on how to take your medication. How hard can this be? Let’s see, a few pumps of the estrogen cream, rub it in and away you go. Then she asked me, “are you going to hug anyone or hold your pet today?” With a puzzled look on my face, she repeats the question, “are you going to hug anyone or hold your pet later?” So was thinking…husband and daughter are out of town, actually I’m the one out of town. Still thinking...I don’t usually hug with the fragrance allergy I have... I don’t like to risk transference (see my blog post here).  A friend has adopted our cat, so “no”, I said.  Then I asked why. She then informed me that especially when you hug your husband or anyone for that matter, you need to be careful in not transferring the estrogen cream on to them. Remember, the estrogen is being absorbed through your skin, it can also be absorbed through his skin and he can develop female mammary glands (men breasts.) I’m like, uh… good information to know.  

Baffled, I had never heard that before, though, it makes good practical sense as I pass this scent-free savvy tidbit along.

I thought my biggest hurdle was to be assured that the bio-identical hormone cream was soy, egg, and fragrance free. The possibility of unwanted mammary glands for my husband or pet…well, I didn’t see that one coming. Therefore, I will wear my estrogen cream proudly and take precaution… as I continue to be savvy and scent free.