Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Way to Go Califia Farms®

When I first saw this Pure Cold Brew coffee with almond milk by Califia Farms®, I couldn't contain my excitement. I'm so happy... I'm so happy.  For me I am ecstatic to have allergen friendly non-GMO alternatives.

When my friend's son came in with this coffee drink, I noticed that the product was soy free, dairy free, GMO free, bpa free and vegan.

Whaaat! Now you are talking my language.  I can get a coffee product without aggravating my allergies.  I was hooked at almond milk and soy free. All the allergen friendly/non-toxic ingredients is a bonus, so I am shouting from the mountain tops.

I finally found two cold brew varieties at Wal-Mart. Recently, I found Califia Farms® almond milk and the combined coconut and almond milk combination at the local grocery store.

Earlier today, I checked their website (I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner) and I found a variety of coffees, almond milks, and juices.

For those allergic to almonds these products may not be for you.  But check out the website for juice alternatives.

The website states that all of their products are now 100% carrageenan free, this includes the juices people (the coffee products I photos that are shown are prior to this change.)

The coffee drinks, I found at Wal-Mart and Target. My friends found them at Costco in smaller bottles. I found the almond milk at the local grocery stores in California such as Ralphs and Vons