Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eco Friendly Fragrance Free Salon in New Hampshire

After seeing a post on Facebook at the website Women's Voices for the Earth about Moira's Story: Fragrance & Formaldehyde, we reached out to Moira to ask if we could include her fragrance free salon on our blog page "Scent-Free Professional & Retail Establishments.

After Moira began having symptoms to chemicals at work, she found it necessary to open her own fragrance free salon. 

Seeking a healthy and safe environment, in 2011 she opened Earthly Roots Hair Studio. Please read her full story HERE. We applaud you Moira.

People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or that have fragrance allergies and sensitivities need safe service providers and vendors.  We are in great need of people that provide personal care and services such as hair stylists, dentists, doctors, attorneys, insurance agents, realtors.  In addition, we need retail establishments that are fragrance free. In places such as these, it can be difficult to shop or get services when we are inundated with fragrant odors.

As well, we are looking for employers that have a fragrance free policy established or looking to establish a policy. If you know of any employer, professional or retail establishment contact us at scentfreesavvy@gmail.com and continue to be savvy and scent free.